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VERY RARE ANIMALS » World’s 30 Most Strange List

Have you ever wondered what is the rarest animal on earth and in the world? Here’s a list of the 30 rarest animals in the world. Below we tell you which are the strangest animals. I’m sure you don’t know them. Find out! Incredible and strange at the same time. We assure you that you are not used to see them!

1. Blobfish

This fish seems to have a nose, its scientific name is Psyschrolutes Microporos, with a completely gelatinous body and almost no body weight. This allows it to stay in the water without spending practically any energy. It has been rarely seen, only in New Zealand and eastern Australia.

2. Axolotl

Belonging to the family of amphibians, we can locate it in Mexico, mainly in lakes. But it is in danger of extinction since it has been used for years with the vain belief that it can cure respiratory diseases, and that is why it is hunted to make brews. It looks like a giant tadpole with legs.

3. Aye-aye

A native of Madagascar, he has a slightly frightening physical appearance. With its characteristic fingers it feeds on larvae it gets from the bark of trees. It lives mostly on the branches, never on the ground. Its eyes are huge and brown and its tail is bushy and much longer than its body.

4. Star-nosed Mole

Mammal with 22 tentacles on its muzzle that gives it a very strange appearance. It lives like a mole and makes holes to sleep and forage for its food, which is basically insects and worms, and it hibernates. It has 100,000 nerve fibres in its nose that reach its brain to indicate that food is nearby. It’s practically blind.

5. Hispaniolan Solenodon

This little fella looks like a mouse that has grown a nose, a close family of shrews and moles. He has a poisonous bite. It is found in the Dominican Republic, autonomous from the area. It was thought to be extinct at times, but has been found to still be prevalent, and is kept under care in natural parks throughout the country.

6. Leafy Seadragon

This little fish is found off the coast of Australia. Its body, covered with algae-like fins, allows it to camouflage itself and thus go unnoticed. It feeds on plankton and fish in a larval state. The female can reproduce up to 250 eggs and it is the male who takes care of them.

7. Yeti crab

This animal was discovered in 2006, white and with hairy pincers, in them you can find colonies of bacteria, possibly to feed themselves or to repel the toxins of the minerals where they live, it is still not clear. Since it is still being studied.

8. Hairy Toad Fish

A fish lives among the corals, its physical appearance very similar to that of a toad only that it grows hairs all over its body. It hides halfway in the sand and thus manages to catch its prey that almost never realize where the attack came from. We can find it in the warm waters of Indonesia.

9. Dumbo Octopus

Its real name is Grimpotheutis, and it owes its name to its particular fins that resemble the ears of the Disney elephant. Located in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, its skin is white and sometimes pale thanks to the lack of sunlight.

10. Sea Pig

The Sea Pig, receives its name thanks to its physical appearance and its feeding habits. It has 6 to 7 feet, feeds on sea mud and the carcasses of whales or any animal of the sea cucumber family urchins and stars. Its body is pink and shaped like a balloon.

11. Pacific Viperfish

Of a dark appearance, this agile fish to hunt, uses a light that leaves its prey blind, are in its belly and at the end of its fin. Since it lives at a depth of 7000 meters, this hunting method is ideal due to the lack of light.

12. Mouse Lemur

It comes from Madagascar and is the smallest primate that exists, measuring 10 centimeters and weighing 90 grams. Of nocturnal habits with big and shiny brown eyes, it feeds on leaves and fruits. Its coat can be grey or reddish. In this country alone, there are about 25 species of lemur mice.

13. Hagfish or Hyperotreti

Creature of the marine world, in the form of a snake it feeds on the viscera of its prey. Sometimes it gets into larger animals still alive to gnaw at them from the inside, which is very scary. It has no jaw but rather a pair of horizontal structures that serve to trap its prey.

14. Squidworm

Discovered in 2007, this small animal belonging to the family of Polychaeta or polychaete, still do not know if it is a worm or a squid so they decided to call it a squid worm. It has 25 pairs of white oars around its neck and measures approximately 9 centimeters.

15. Tardigrades or Water Bears

Almost invisible, this small invertebrate can measure up to half an inch and resist strong environmental pressures. It can last up to 10 years without drinking water since its body is 85% humidity. It’s so called because its movement is similar to that of the common bear. It is one of the most resilient animals in the world, being able to live even in space.

16. Mandarin Duck

It wouldn’t have to be the weirdest, but the most exotic. This beautiful and multicolored duck is one of the most appreciated animals in China, even given as a gift at weddings on the occasion of good fortune. The colours are only worn by the male. The female is only brown and ochre.

17. Lampreys

This eel-like animal does not have jaws, but it does have a mouth that sticks to almost everything and many teeth to suck the blood of fish such as salmon and sharks. It can live between 6 and 7 years and measure up to 1 meter long.

18. Pangolin

It is a species of mammal that lives in Africa and Asia, has covered his body with strong scales, and has powerful legs that along with their rapid ability to open holes in the ground and hide from potential predators. Its meat is consumed in China so its population has been reduced to a few.

19. Sugar Glinder

It belongs to the marsupial family, named after its taste for sugary foods. They are nocturnal and do not like to be alone. They must always be with another member of their species, even though they are associated with humans. They may look like a cute pet, but it is better to enjoy them in their natural environment.

20. T. Rex Leech

Selected as one of the rarest in 2010, this annelid discovered in Peru feeds on the blood of any animal, including humans. It has a single jaw with 8 huge teeth that help it hold on to its prey. It has 2 small genitals. It can measure up to 7 centimeters.

21. Okapi

Close family of the giraffe, because of its long neck and tongue. The hair on its body is reddish, only until it reaches the back where it changes to black stripes with white giving it a zebra-like appearance. It is currently in danger of extinction, due to the damage to its natural habitat.

22. Asian Giant Softshell Turtle

It is a type of freshwater turtle, with a wide head and eyes close to its snout of small size. Those that are young may contain dark-colored shells and spotted heads, with yellow on the edge of the shell. They are also called Asian giant soft-shelled turtles.

23. Thorny Devil Lizard

Small in size, reaching up to 20 centimetres in length, it inhabits the interior of the Australian continent in arid scrub. They are of the genus Moloch, unique in its species, and can have years of life between six (6) and twenty (20). The dense thorns it possesses protect them from predator attack.

24. Goblin Shark or Elfin Shark

It comes from the family of the Mitsukurinidae, with a strange and unique shape of horrible aspect with a weight that oscillates the 700 kg. It has a size of up to six (6) meters that manages to reach thanks to the compression of its body laterally. It has a long, flat mouth with a jaw that can extend out a few centimeters.

25. Elephant Shrew

It is a species that shows in its appearance several types of animals. Its elongated snout is similar to the trunk of an elephant. Like a rat, it has a long tail and legs like a kangaroo. It moves with its four legs when it feels safe and jumps on its hind legs when it is in danger.

26. Proboscis Monkey

It comes from the forests of Borneo, has a characteristic elongated nose and quite large, in males this feature stands out much more. The large size of their nose makes them more attractive to females. It also helps to repel body heat. They are in danger of extinction because they are hunted by man.

27. Saola

Some say that rare species are ugly species, well not in all cases. This is very beautiful, also known as Asian unicorn, is an artiodactyl mammal native to the Annamite Mountains in Vietnam. It has long, slender, straight horns and dark brown to reddish-brown fur.

28. Red panda or Lesser Panda

They are not of the same phenotype as the common panda bear, they are small in size as they are the same as a domestic cat and have an elongated tail of about 18 inches. Part of the genus called Ailuridae, they can be found in rainforests, such as in Myanmar, central China. They usually feed at night.

29. Eastern Pacific Bobtail

It is of the species Rossia pacifica, usually hidden under the sand with a dimension of about 11 centimeters. It has a curious and funny appearance, with eyes big enough for the size it has and when it hides it lets them stick out to capture its prey. It feeds on shrimp and some small fish.

30. Shoebill or Whalehead

It is a very curious bird because of the size it has and, particularly, the size of its beak. One thing that is quite striking is that the expression on its face looks as if it is mocking something or has a sarcastic grin. Today there are 5000 in existence and they can be located in Zambia or Sudan.

Different types of Rare Animals

Below you can find the different types of strange animals. Click on their image for more information.