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BLACK OREO DORY » Characteristics and Way of Life

The Black Oreo Dory, whose scientific name is Allcytus Niger, is one of the rarest fish in the world, possessing characteristics that distinguish it, for example, its striking eyes and the size of its head.

These specimens live in the depths of the ocean and belong to the Oreosomatidae family.

Although there is still much to be researched and discovered about this striking and rare animal, below we will give you details that will allow you to learn more about the Black Oreo Dory.

General features of the Black Oreo Dory

The Black Oreo Dory fish has a rather peculiar appearance, in fact its appearance resembles that of a prehistoric fish.

It has a dark skin color, has a flat appearance with several spines on its fins.

More specifically, it has 5 to 8 spines on the dorsal fin and 2 to 4 spines on the anal fin. It also has scales that can be considered small compared to those of other fish.

This Weird Fish has very large emerald eyes. Unlike other fish, the Black Oreo Dory fish has a high average life span which allows it to develop well and reach a good weight according to its size.

In this sense, it can reach approximately 40 to 47 cm in length. In addition, this fish, which is one of the rarest in the world, can reach an average weight of 1 kilogram.

However, as already mentioned, because it usually has a long life, it can reach a much higher weight.

An interesting detail of the Black Oreo Dory fish is that its head is quite large, to the point that it can occupy approximately 50% of the total body size.

Where does the Black Oreo Dory Fish live?

This rare animal is found mainly in the waters of New Zealand, specifically in the Chatham Elevation, South Island and the Campbell Plateau.

But it is not limited to that territory as it has often been seen in the waters of the Australian Sea. Although this is not really rare since this country is characterized by being the habitat of many strange species of animals, among them a few fish.

The ideal place for this strange fish to live is in waters where the temperature is approximately 42°C, that is, it prefers to live in places with fairly warm temperatures.

What does this Weird Fish feed on?

This rare fish has a fairly varied diet that includes fish, crustaceans and molluscs such as squid. Despite that, its main food source is any kind of fish.

The anatomy of this rare fish species allows it to obtain its prey quite easily and effectively.

Because it has large eyes that allow it to see in the darkness of the watery depths where it lives and because it has a fine body that allows it to go unnoticed by its prey, it can very easily see its prey, take it by surprise and have good results when searching for its food.

How does it Reproduce?

Not much research has been done on this New Zealand fish and reproduction is one of the least studied topics.

Despite this, it is believed that in the Black Oreo Dory, as in most fish, fertilization is external and reproduction is oviparous, that is, the young are born from eggs that the mother expels.

Does this Strange Fish have Predators?

As with other small fish, the Black Oreo Dory has larger marine species as its top predators.

However, because it is a fish that is consumed by local people for its size, taste and weight, humans are among the main threat to the Black Oreo Dory.

However, the fact that this rare fish has a flat body makes it a bit difficult to hunt as its anatomy helps it to stay hidden from predators, both animals and humans.

In fact, seeing a Black Oreo Dory is one of the most complicated things because most of the time it goes unnoticed.