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GOBLIN SHARK » Characteristics and Way of Life

The Goblin shark is a rare animal that belongs to the family Mitsukurinidae and lives in the waters of various parts of the world.

What characterizes the Goblin Shark?

The goblin shark has a reddish, pink and grey skin colour. This coloration identifies this rare animal and it is rare to see in a shark these colors because they are often blue in all its shades.

Another distinctive feature of the goblin shark is its peculiar snout that is elongated and flattened with a V-shaped tip.

The teeth of this rare fish are quite powerful, as they are composed of several rows of teeth.

At the top of its teeth it has 35 to 53 rows of teeth and at the bottom 31 to 62, whose size and thickness vary, but often the shape of their teeth is elongated and thin.

In this species of sharks, there is sexual dimorphism because males are smaller than females, although not by much difference.

This rare animal can reach a length of 4 to 6 meters although at first sight it does not seem so because the goblin shark has the ability to compress its body, which allows it to be observed elongated.

On the other hand, its weight varies according to the size of each one. However, there have been specimens that have reached a weight of 200 to 700 kilos.

Although it has a good size, the goblin shark does not have much speed when it comes to moving.

An interesting detail is that unlike other sharks that usually have different sizes of fins, the goblin shark has both dorsal fins of the same shape and size

In addition, this rare fish has no lower lobe on its caudal fin. And its anal fin is bigger than a dorsal.

Although this shark has a large jaw and a good size, it is considered a peaceful fish that moves at very quiet speeds and does not represent a potential danger to humans.

Where do Goblin Shark live

The goblin shark is an unpredictable marine animal because it does not settle in a single geographic area.

Studies show that their habitat can vary greatly. It has been seen in places like India, the United States, France, Japan and Australia, among others.

Some of its specimens live at a depth of 200 and 300 meters.

What does Goblin Shark eat?

The goblin shark feeds on a wide variety of fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Among them we can mention squid, crabs, octopus, dragon fish, shrimp, among others.

Although, as we have already mentioned, the goblin shark does not move very quickly, this is not an obstacle for it when it comes to feeding, since it has a great sense of smell and sensory systems that help it get its prey quickly,

In addition to this, it has very small eyes that allow it to move to the depth of the sea to search for its food, although it often manages to do so on the surface as well.

It should be noted that when feeding, the goblin shark can move its jaw forward very quickly in order to effectively reach its prey.

Its jaws are a threat to its prey, as it is able to feed successfully with the strength of its teeth and smell.

It should be noted that the goblin shark usually searches for its prey at night, although sometimes it does so in the morning as well.

How does the Goblin Shark reproduce

Because it is difficult to get hold of one of these sharks, not much research has been done on how it reproduces.

However, studies have concluded that these fishes are ovoviparous and often migrate in search of a mating partner.

Predators and Threats

It is not known what the natural predators of this rare fish are, because of their size very few can be listed.

The main predator of this species of shark is the human being, although because it is unpredictable and it is really difficult to find one, it is not so often caught.

However, because of the rarity of its jaw, collectors are especially interested in purchasing that part of the leprechaun’s body.

It is because of this commercial demand that those who come across a goblin shark often catch it to market.