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PINK HANDFISH » A fish that doesn’t Swim but Walks

Beyond the continuous studies that are carried out on nature there are always some very strange animal species that are discovered. The case of the pink fish is one of them and what its discovery has implied is impressive for the field of biology.

In a very general way, it can be defined as a fish that uses its hands for its movements, a very particularity for a creature of its environment.

What is the Pink Fish with Hands?

To be as explicit as possible we will tell you that it is a fish that does not have traditional fins since instead they have been replaced by a kind of hand that it does not use for swimming but for walking. A rare, but very striking species.

If you observe it in its natural environment you will notice that its movements are slow, short and very well measured. Its hands are used to move in the depths of the sea to search for food.

According to the studies of the scientists who have studied the fish that has hands it is a species that is in danger of extinction because its diet is not very varied and this condition places it in a critical zone for its survival.

To find the Pink Fish with Hands we must go to the island of Tasmania Hobart in Australia. It is the only place in the world where we can see this creature. According to the scientific publications it is one of the nine species that have recently been described as belonging to the family of the fish with hands.

It is worth noting that due to its disadvantage over predators for being a very slow fish, the Pink Fish has a very powerful toxin that it releases in the presence of a predator that can attack it.