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SLENDER FILEFISH » Facts, Habitat and Diet

The bottom of the seas is full of a great diversity that ranges from big beasts that would make us panic to small creatures that could even become our friends and go live with us. An example of the latter group is the Slender Filefish, a rare fish that will amaze you.

What are the main Characteristics of Slender Filefish?

The Slender Filefish, scientifically called Monacanthus Tuckeri, is a rare fish, a member of an exclusive family of fishes that possess extraordinary skills and endowments.

Its oval body features an extended beak, which has earned it the nickname “the lime fish” in some areas.

It is not a very large fish, as it measures only a modest 12 centimeters from the tip of its beak to the tip of its tail.

The variety of colors with which it mimics the environment in which it lives is also an evident feature when it is spotted.

Its ability to adapt to its surroundings is among the most outstanding in the entire animal kingdom.

Among the members of this family of rare animals, vibrant colors such as yellow, light blue and even silver gray almost like chrome can be observed.

Their body is sparkling with colored dots that also vary according to the fish in question and the need to camouflage themselves at a certain time.

Thanks to this variety of colors, they look like they also acquire the shapes of the stems of the gorgonians they inhabit, but it is only an extraordinary mirage.

Its eyes are usually deep green. Its small scales are rough and give its skin the feeling of touching a file, which is where its name comes from.

Like other fish, the lime has fins that allow it to swim freely, but it has an extra fin on the back of its head that extends when it feels threatened in order to appear more intimidating and larger.

However, although it may seem intimidating because of its rough appearance, it is actually a very peaceful and totally harmless fish.

Where does the Slender Filefish live?

The lime fish is an animal that prefers to live in warm waters, of the tropical type, in these, the coralline zones are in particular their habitual home.

This rare fish lives at shallow depths, from 4 to 30 meters from the sea floor.

It is visible from eastern Africa to the waters of Mozambique, Samoa and the Ryukyu Islands in Australia south of the Great Barrier Reef, also in New Caledonia and Tonga.

If they are held in captivity, great care must be taken in the space where they are kept. So, in the aquarium or fish tank, some coral should be put in, as it will allow them to settle down, acclimatize and adapt to their new artificial environment.

The tank should have a capacity of at least 300 litres of water which should be kept at a temperature of 24 to 28 degrees centigrade.

What does the Slender Filefish eat?

In the wild it seems that these rare animals only feed on Acropora, however, their diet is more varied in captivity.

In aquariums they are fed small crustaceans, and a special food that is created by crushing squid, octopus and cuttlefish. This “dish” seems to please them and not only give them the nutrients they need.

Facts about Reproduction

Not many details are known about the courtship, mating, incubation and reproduction process of the lime fish, which indicates that there is still a long way to go in their study.

One of the things that is known is that the long-nosed lime fish is a monogamous species, which means that it stays with only one partner for life and will breed exclusively with that partner.