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WOONDEN CAT FISH » A wood-eating Fish

The Wood Eating Catfish is a fish that as its name suggests, eats wood. It is a very strange animal for this particularity and for such condition it belongs to one of the ten species of xylophagous catfish, that is to say that they eat wood.

It is one of the few wild animals that use wood as food for the production of its vital energy. They are also characterized by not having scales as other fish do, another feature that makes them a strange fish.

In fact the wooden Catfish is covered by a kind of armour that is made up of a series of very hard leather plates that can reach up to 80 centimetres.

The discovery of the species dates back to 2006 in a tropical forest in the Amazon area. Although for modern science it is a novel fish, for the indigenous people of the area it is not and even forms part of their menu.

Main characteristics of the Wooden Catfish

Regarding its teeth, it is very similar to that of the panacea nigrolineatus, so its shape is like that of two ladles, while its lips are directed outwards, showing that its main function is to absorb.

This rare fish has odontoles, that is to say four very thick jaws that as soon as they close can move in any direction to start with the crushing of the absorbed wood. Likewise the intestine has everything necessary for the digestion to be extended for periods of up to four hours and if necessary it has bacteria in its digestive tract to support the process.

This fish is believed to eat wood because the microbes it feeds on are in the river decomposing the wood that falls into it.