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THE 10 RAREST MAMMALS » Characteristics, way of life and Facts

Have you ever wondered what the world’s rarest mammals are? They are impressive creatures both in terms of their particular appearance and their behaviour. Some have very different characteristics from common mammals and this makes them very strange.

List of the Rarest Mammals on Earth

1. Colugo

The Colugo or Flying Lemur is a rare mammal known for its ability to glide long distances thanks to a special skin membrane that covers its back. It has a small head, long legs, and large eyes. It is a rare herbivorous food animal that inhabits Southeast Asia.

2. Aye Aye

The Aye Aye is a species of lemur whose appearance is a bit unpleasant: small head, big eyes and ears, long fingers and teeth that never stop growing. They can only be found in Madagascar and are omnivorous, that is, they eat whatever they find.

3. Pink Fairy Armadillo

The Pink Fairy Armadillo or Pichiciego is a very rare animals similar to the armadillo, that is to say, it has a shell but in this case it is pink, which gives it a particular appearance. It is an animal that barely measures 10 cm and has an extraordinary ability to dig its burrows. It lives exclusively in Argentina and is omnivorous.

4. Spectral Tarsier

The Spectral Tarsier, also known as Selayar Tarsier, is a rare mammal with very large eyes but reduced in length. It commonly lives in groups, climbing trees to protect itself from predators. Its geographical distribution is limited to the island of Celebes and other Indonesian islands.

5. Uakari

The Uakari or Bald Uakari is a species of monkey that groups 4 different subspecies. These rare mammals, which live only in the Amazon rainforest, are known for their thick and abusive fur all over their body except for their face.

6. Star-nosed Mole

The Star-nosed Mole is a mole like any other, but it has a big difference: its nose has protrusions similar to the tentacles of octopuses. Its nose holds a lot of secrets. For example, it has 100,000 nerve endings that are useful for detecting everything around it.

7. Aardvark 

The Aardvark is a rare mammal whose main food is ants, thus living up to its name. It has curly hair, a highly developed sense of smell, poor eyesight, a long tail and legs with powerful claws. It lives in burrows and is polygamous.

8. Echidna

The Echidna is undoubtedly one of the rarest mammals in the world, because unlike most mammals this is an oviparous species, it also has a pouch similar to that of the kangaroo and other marsupials. It lives in Oceania in diverse habitats ranging from forests to deserts.

9. Flying Fox

The Flying Fox is a bat that is among the largest in the world, as it can measure more than 1 meter. It also has huge wings with which it can cover its entire body. It also has enough strength in its legs to hang from trees and hold on with them.

10. Mongolian Gerbils

The Gerbils are quite common rare animals, in fact many want to keep them at home as pets. They are medium-sized rodents with long tails and legs with powerful claws. Although they are native to Mongolia, today they can be found almost anywhere in the world where they have been introduced.

Characteristics of the rarest mammals

In the group of the rarest mammals in the world we find diverse characteristics, for example, their sizes vary. There are very small species such as the Spectral Tarsier and the Aye Aye and larger ones such as the Flying Fox and the Aardvark. That is, their size can range from about 10 cm to more than 1 meter.

Although the common thing in mammals is to possess fur, there are some exceptions such as the case of the Echidna which has thorns.

Among the rare mammals we even find animals with beaks and a nose similar to tentacles.

Many of these animals are endemic to a specific region and others are found all over the world, for example the Gerbil. So we can’t limit their distribution to one area. They live in burrows, trees, deserts, forests and jungles.

Feeding and Reproduction of Rare Mammals

Referring to their diet, we find carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous mammals. Some love fruits, seeds and even termites and ants.

Their reproduction is also diverse, and for this reason there are even mammals that are born from eggs and that are marsupials, that is to say, the mothers have a bag where the baby ends its development. The best example of this is the Echidna.

Facts about these animals

  • The Star-nosed Mole is considered the most voracious animal on earth, eating at incredible speed.
  • In Indonesian culture, the Spectral Tarsier is considered an amulet.
  • The Flying fox’s nose resembles that of a fox, hence its name.