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Myanmar Snub-nosed Monkey » A kind of Monkey without a nose

The Sneezing Monkey is a very rare animal that from the first moment it is seen gives us clear signs of how far nature can go. It was discovered in 2010 by western scientists, as the natives of the area where the monkey moves were already familiar with it.

There is no doubt that the most surprising thing about the Sneezing Monkey is its appearance, particularly its nose which does not seem to resemble anything you have ever seen before.

This mammal animal is native to Burma and its biological name is Rhinopithecus strykeri, even though it is popularly known as the Sneezing Monkey or Myanmar Snub-nosed Monkey.

The monkey’s skin is very thin, it has no hair on its face and it has no nasal septum. As soon as it rains, this animal will not stop sneezing, no matter how it covers its face, it will end up sneezing. As a consequence, its presence is extremely noticeable among the leafy trees of its habitat, which is why it will not manage to go unnoticed and will be an easy prey.

One of the serious problems facing the Sneezing Monkey as the rare and exotic animal that it is, has to do with how long it can stay on the face of the earth. This is because many of the natives of the area have become accustomed to hunting the animal, and little by little its numbers have decreased.

Regarding its coat, it has some white tufts that look like a beard. As for its tail, it reaches about 1.4 times the length of its body. In summer they are almost always among the trees while in winter they come down to avoid the snow.