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SPECTRAL TARSIER » How it is and What is its Way of Life

The Spectral Tarsier (Selayar Tarsier or Ghost Tarsier) is a rare mammal that in some cultures is considered a lucky charm.

This strange animal has a rather peculiar appearance and in it, what first catches the attention are its big eyes that contrast with the small body size.

Physical characteristics of the Ghost Tarsier

The Spectral Tarsiert, which is scientifically called Tarsius Tarsis, is a rare small mammal. When they are adults, they barely measure 10 cm and weigh 5 ounces.

Its entire body is covered with soft brown hair. Although it is quite small, it has very large bulging eyes that contrast with the rest of its face. In fact, they seem to stick out from it.

Their large eyes allow them to have good vision, something that is extremely useful to them as these primates have nighttime habits. It’s also thought that they have a fairly well-developed ear.

This rare animal has a rather long tail. Its back legs are long as are its toes and fingernails. Although all the fingers are long, the middle finger is a little longer than the rest.

The life span of the ghost tarsier can be up to about 12 years.

The ghost tarsier is very good at jumping, which is evident when he has to jump from one tree to another, a task his hands and feet help him with.

Their behaviour

It can be said that the Ghost Tarsier is a peaceful animal, however, they tend to be aggressive with each other on some occasions.

Although this is only at rare times as they are generally considered to be sociable and this is demonstrated by living in groups.

However, although they usually feed together, they may sometimes go apart to get their food and to sleep.

They are quite shy animals that often run and hide when they feel they are in danger.

Because they are not easily adapted to captivity, it is quite difficult to get them to reproduce under such conditions and even to get them to act as they would in their natural habitat.

The ideal Habitat for the Spectral Tarsier

The Spectral Tarsier is a rare animal that originates and lives on the Indonesian island of Celebes (Sulawesi) and other nearby islands.

In these places there are forests that are perfect as a habitat for these small animals.

Most of the time they live in the trees because they have many predators. Therefore, it is normal that they climb a branch looking for the security that in a certain way this can provide.

How is your Diet?

These primates are carnivorous animals. They feed on almost any small animal that bumps into them, especially all kinds of insects, spiders and even small lizards.

Because they have a well-developed sense of smell and vision, they are effective at getting their food.

Sometimes, as it moves from one branch to another, it encounters some birds and insects that it catches to become its food.

Spectral Tarsier reproduction form

These mammals can begin to reproduce when they reach two years of age.

When the female is in heat she gives off a rather peculiar and strong smell that serves to attract the males.

Among all of them, she chooses one to mate with him exclusively. However, the males do mate with more than one female.

The gestation time in this rare animal species is approximately 181 to 194 days.

After the small babies are born, the mothers take care of them and protect them for a while from the dangers they may encounter in their environment. A very effective way of doing this is to carry them on their backs.

Predators and Threats it faces

Over the years, the number of ghost tarsiers has decreased considerably because predators have wiped out many of them.

The list of their predators is headed by a variety of snakes, reptiles, birds of prey such as eagles and wild cats.

Another threat to this animal is the human being who captures it and then commercializes it.

However, the laws in certain places are in charge of protecting them. For example, in the Philippines it is forbidden to capture them for commercial purposes or to keep them as pets.